What type of property management do you specialize in?

SJA Property Management only provides management for certain types of properties. By specializing and focusing our resources, we’re able to provide a better management service to our clients. We manage single family residential properties (houses, condos, townhomes) as well as small multifamily buildings. We do not manage large apartment buildings, HOAs or commercial properties. Most property management companies try to do a little of everything. We believe it’s better to specialize in one area to provide the best service possible.

What are your qualifications?

SJA Property Management has been in business for 9 years. Over that time, we have managed over 1000 properties and thousands of tenants. We sit on the board of the National Association of Residential Property Managers and are members of Rental Housing Authority, Washington State Bar Association and the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. Through consistency in service, we have earned a knowledgeable reputation in the industry and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.Stay away from companies with part time managers, or managers who just do management in-between real estate transactions. You also want to ensure that your management company is local and fully understands your market.

What is the size of your company?

SJA Property Management is a local company with local market knowledge. We currently manage approximately 500 properties located in Seattle and the Greater Eastside. Smaller companies or managers, rarely have the resources necessary to find tenants quickly or negotiate preferential pricing with vendors. They also lack proven systems and procedures. The large national brands will have robust systems but don’t have enough, if any, employees on the ground to provide attentive personal service.

What makes your company better than the competition?

Here at SJA Property Management we differentiate ourselves in many ways. Here are just a few reasons we are the industry leader in our market:

  • Team-based service with single owner point of contact
  • Embracing technology to improve our service
  • Stellar reputation for integrity and protecting our client’s interests
  • In-house Maintenance Coordination Team
  • Full-time dedicated Leasing Agents
  • True 24-hr property protection
  • Can you provide me with references from current clients?

    Absolutely. SJA Property Management prides itself on its stellar reputation. We can provide you with client references or you can review actual SJA costumer reviews by going to: https://www.myreputation.com/reviews/sja-property-management-redmond. You will find that many property management companies have poor online reviews. Often the excuse given is that it is hard to please both the owner and the tenant, and the tenants are leaving the bad reviews. This is a challenge in our industry. However, for us to provide the best possible results to our clients we need our tenants to feel respected and happy. Happy tenants stay longer in our properties and are more accommodating, which saves our clients money. Plus, it makes for a better work environment for our staff. We work very hard to promote our owner’s best interests and still maintaining positive relationships with our tenants.

    What guarantees do you offer? Can I get my money back if I’m not happy?

    SJA Property Management offers a service guarantee to every new client. If after three months a client is not happy with our service they can cancel management without penalty and we will reimburse the prior three month’s monthly management fees. We stand behind our service.

    What geographic areas do you management properties in?

    It is very important that the property management company you choose be a local company in our area. Local companies know the ins and outs of each neighborhood, have good relationships with quality vendors, and can react quickly to time sensitive issues. SJA Property Management only manages property in specific areas. We manage in Seattle, the Eastside (Kirkland, Bellevue, Sammamish, Woodinville, Redmond, Bothell, Newcastle) as far North as Everett and only as far South as North Renton.

    Do you have written systems and policies that you follow?

    SJA Property Management has a comprehensive set of written Policies and Procedures that each employee team member follows. We work to improve these company-wide systems on a weekly basis, to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible results. Most of our competitors hire independent contractors to perform the management of their client’s properties rather than having in-house employees. Because of this, each of their managers manages properties differently, making it impossible to provide a consistent, high level, service throughout the company.

    How do you screen applicants and do you do it yourself?

    SJA Property Management handles the screening of potential tenants in-house. We personally verify all our requirements are met, to make sure only the best tenants rent our properties. We check for credit, identification, criminal history (when allowed by Law), debt/rent ratios, past rental history, evictions, job status, income, sex offender status, providing false information, and bankruptcy. Because of our thorough screening process our default rate is one of the lowest in the industry. Most property management companies in the area outsource the screening process and rely on the reports (or a generated score) that they are given, without personally verifying the information.

    What is your company default rate? How many tenants pay late?

    SJA Property Management’s tenant default rate is currently well below .06% with a delinquency rate of .02%. We have implemented and constantly improve on, several systems and procedures to maintain these industry leading low numbers.

    Does your company offer 24/7 emergency maintenance?

    Many companies either do not have a set procedure for handling emergency maintenance or designate some unhappy staff member to take calls for a week, who may or may not know anything about your property. At SJA Property Management we have a dedicated emergency line that is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. This ensures that we can respond at 3:00am on Christmas Eve if needed.

    How is regular maintenance handled?

    SJA Property Management has a full-time, dedicated maintenance coordination team, that is responsible for troubleshooting and approving all maintenance requests from our tenants. Our tenants submit requests in writing through our online portal to ensure proper documentation. To minimize our client’s liability, we require that all our vendors are licensed and insured. We also receive preferred pricing from our vendors and pass those savings along to our owners. Most PM companies do not have a dedicated maintenance team, they rely on the manager to be an expert on maintenance, which is rarely the case. This can cause misdiagnosed issues, drive up costs, as well as tenant dissatisfaction. Dissatisfied tenants do not stay long term, which leads to increased vacancies and lost money for the owner.

    What is your process for move ins, move outs and regular evaluations?

    Historically the property management industry has been very slow to embrace technology. Many property managers are still using paper move in inspection forms. These forms are typically filled out by the tenant, in their handwriting and are not nearly thorough enough to protect the owner’s interests should a dispute arise down the road. At SJA Property Management we embrace technology when it can help us provide a better service for our clients. Our walk-through inspections are done electronically on an iPad. We can generate a 75-page report, signed by the tenant, with upwards of 100 photos of the property. We use a similar process for our mid-term walk throughs and move out evaluations. This ensures that if there are any disputes about damage at the end of the lease, we have all the evidence needed for our owners to prevail. Because of this, we have far less tenants challenging our deposit dispositions.

    How much insurance does the management company carry? Do they require and verity that their tenants have insurance?

    SJA Property management carries two million dollars of coverage for General Liability, and Errors and Omissions insurance. We also require all SJA tenants to carry Renters Insurance and automatically enroll them in our in-house policy if they cannot provide proof of coverage at move-in.

    When will I receive my money each month? Can you directly deposit into my bank account?

    Our leases and rent collection procedures comply with all Landlord Tenant Laws. Rent is due on the 1st of the month and is late on the 6th. We post the rental income directly into our property management software. We then distribute funds securely through ACH direct deposit into the owner’s account of choice. Each owner receives a detailed monthly statement through email and available in their online owner portal. We guarantee that all payments are in our owners account by the 15th of the month provided rent has been paid on time.